As a rabid follower of endurance sports (chronicler of athletes and events, voracious learner, and hard-core participant), I’ve seen, read, and experienced what it takes to succeed. After years of sharing advice on the trail, in classes, and through the occasional workshop, I’ve taken it up a notch in the last few seasons and started coaching in a more formalized way. I’ve worked with several dozen folks of varying abilities, experience, and aspirations: from rookie triathletes and aspiring ultramarathoners to veterans looking to ramp up their game and set ambitious PRs, I’ve loved helping them achieve their athletic goals.

I get a real charge out of watching my peeps cross the finish line with a huge smile on their face, no doubt about it. I love when the former “drudgery of training” becomes that part of the day that one can’t do without. But my biggest thrill comes from seeing the transformation that happens when someone moves from “What If” to “What’s Next” because they’ve unlocked the potential within.

There are a ton of no cost, generic training programs out there for every conceivable flavor of event, and for some people, they’ll do the job. There are all kinds of coaching services out there too–ranging from clinics and group training series to online coaching and highly personalized “meet with your coach for a workout three times a week” situations.

I do offer clinics every now and then and teach regular PureCycle classes (check the calendar for my schedule). As a coach, I work with every client to develop a customized program that meshes with his/her lifestyle and sensibly maps out the pathway to our agreed upon goals. I prefer to work with someone over an entire season (or more) so we have a real chance to collaborate on understanding weaknesses, building on strengths, periodizing work loads, and the million other details that help lead to success.

How we work together really depends on you. Everyone is very different, but I always start with a complimentary one-on-one consult to assess goals, time availability, current training regime, athletic background, and a million other life details so we can figure out if I’m a good fit for you and how we can best help you reach your goals.

Fire me an email if you’d like to learn more.

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