It goes without saying that my biggest supporter is also my best friend and the love of my life. Simply put, I would be nowhere if it wasn’t for her. Elissa Torre-Lewis makes my life sing.


I’ve also been privileged to enjoy support from a slew of best-in-class companies over the years, and have provided product development input on everything from running shoes and nutritional supplements to hydration packs and high performance clothes. I’m deeply committed to my sponsors and am happy to share my knowledge of their products–and the company behind them–so please reach out and ask.

snapple-triI’ve been a proud member of the Snapple Pro-Elite Triathlon Team for the last half dozen years and love the opportunity to represent the team and it’s many great Sponsors and to interact with the ever-growing DC Snapple Club and National Team. Anyone can join, FOR FREE, and with membership you become a part of a great community while gaining access to a wide range of discounts from our many awesome Sponsors. Check out the team and, hell, just Sign up today!

clifbar_logoI’ve used Clif Bar products since my early ultrarunning days and I’m thrilled to remain a member of Team Clif Bar as I’ve transitioned into the triathlon world. Not only do they make great tasting nutritious products to fuel performance, they’ve been a pioneer in the sustainability movement and are considered peers of Patagonia in triple bottom line thinking, life-work balance, and doing well by doing good. If you haven’t tried the Nut Butter filled bars, make sure you check them out and learn more about Clif Bar’s awesome corporate ethic while you’re at it: Clif Bar and Company.

felogoI was introduced to First Endurance by a fellow member of the Montrail Patagonia Ultrarunning Team and was so excited to have finally found a solution to the stomach issues that had plagued me during much of my Ultra career. A year or two later, I  met FE co-founder Rob Kunz at an XTerra race (we ran together for much of the middle leg of the event before he torched me on the technical bike portion — and on a single speed to boot!) and I’ve been constantly impressed with his team’s innovation and product improvements over the years. Visit First Endurance and use the code SnapTriClub for 20% off any online order.

ualogo I had the incredible good fortune of running the Marathon des Sables (150 miler stage race in the Sahara desert) in the late 90s, and used a prototype backpack designed by none other than Bryce Thatcher, who is often credited with creating the “hydration system” category of sports products. I’ve maintained an affiliation with Bryce ever since, and followed his journey from Ultimate Direction to Nathan and to the founding of UltrAspire. If you want to meet someone who exudes passion for the outdoors, testing one’s limits, and creating the most comfortable, lightest, best performing gear in its class, you’ve got to meet Bryce. Check out UltrAspire and the athletes who make up the Elite Immortal squad (Yep, I’m stoked to be amongst such amazing company) and be assured that everything  Bryce creates is the result of hundreds of hours of thought, input, tinkering and never-ending refinement because these folks are putting every product to the test in the field. Order online using my affiliate code UAA2810 and you’ll get a 20% discount.

salming-logoI’ve worked with numerous shoe companies over the years, but have never been quite as excited as my new affiliation with a company out of Sweden that’s doing incredible things. To keep it simple, they’re light, responsive, and just make you want to run fast. My buddy Tom Darragh is the North American sales rep, and though we tend to get things in the States a little after their introduction in Europe, he gave me a sneak peak at some of the the 2017 line, and believe me, there are great things ahead. Check out Salming North America and use the code Snapple20 for 20% off orders from the website.

xterra-logoI’ll admit that I’m not the fastest swimmer out there, but I’ve been able to produce the result when it counts because of the super buoyant, super comfortable wetsuit I wear. XTerra’s awesome Vendetta has made a huge difference in my swimming and their Speedsuit has given me a boost during non-wetsuit swims. I’m psyched to start training in the lava pants this winter and expect them to help up my game. Visit XTerra Wetsuits and use the code C-SNAPPLETRI for a phenomenal 60% off!